Using the Review Document Options

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    Under Review Document on the Task Bar there are several options that allow you to manipulate the documents displayed. These options range from changing the orientation to splitting documents.

    Review Document Task Bar Options

    The following table describes the Review Document options:


    Icon Icon Name What it does...
    rotate left.png Rotate Left *To rotate image left 90º. Select the image thumbnail and then click Rotate Left.
    rotate right.png Rotate Right *Rotate image right 90º. Select the image thumbnail and then click Rotate Right.
    Split.png Split To divide a document into separate documents. Select the thumbnail of the page at the beginning of the section that you want to split from, and then click the Split
    Zoom In.png Zoom In Select the image thumbnail and then click Zoom In to increase magnification.
    Zoom Out.png Zoom Out Select the image thumbnail and then click Zoom Out to decrease magnification.
    Delete Pages.png Delete Pages Select the image that you want to delete and then click the Delete option. Click Yes on the confirmation message that appears.
    Select All Pages.png Select All Pages Selects all pages that makes up the document.
    Deselect All Pages.png Deselect All Pages Deselects any selected pages.

    TIP: *To rotate several images, hold down the Ctrl key whilst clicking the thumbnails for the images you want to rotate. Release the Ctrl key and then click the relevant rotate option.

    You can also use the Ctrl key to select individual pages. Hold the Ctrl key then click the thumbnails that you want to select.

    Review Document Short-Cut Menu Options

    A short-cut menu provides quick access to some of the Review Document options. To display these options right-click an image thumbnail:

    right click review options.png



    Adding Documents
    Adding Documents
    Splitting Documents
    Combining Documents
    The Merge Pages option (under Review All on the Task Bar) allows you to move pages from one or more documents into  another.
    Zooming In and Out