How to set up who will give secondary authorisation to an employee

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    The practice will require a secondary authorisation on specific bills and timesheets created by an employee. An example of these circumstances may be bills where the value is over a certain amount or a timesheet where excess hours are involved.

    Who will give secondary authorisation to the employee's bills and timesheets is usually setup when you complete Step 8 of the Add New Employee Wizard. However, you can set up and modify secondary authorities outside the wizard by using the Employee Details page: Authorisation tab.

    1. Find the employee's record.

    2. On the Employees Details page, click the Authorisation tab.

      The Authorisation tab appears.

    3. In Authorisation Type, select Secondary.

    4. In View Type. select Authorised by.

      The panel heading changes to Is Authorised By.

    5. In the Is Authorised By panel, find the employee who will give secondary authorisation to this employee's bills and timesheets.

    6. Repeat Step 5 for each employee.

    7. Click Finish if appropriate.

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