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    The time table information that you entered in Step 7 - Time Table of the Add New Employee Wizard appears on this tab, or you can enter the information on this tab for the first time.

    The tab holds the hours worked each week by the employee as well as the duration of their lunch hour. The hours worked are either:

    • standard hours that are linked to the Category assigned to the employee, or

    • unique hours entered specifically for the employee.

    You can alter the information at any time but if you select the standard hours by using the Enforce Time Table option, the employee must enter the standard hours on their Timesheet. This is mandatory.

    1. To specify unique hours, enter the Start and End Time as well as the Lunch Time duration for each day of the week that the employee works into the table,


    1. To select standard hours, select a frequency from the Enforce Time Table list and click Category.

    2. Click OK  to finish.

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