How to preview and print a note in a supplier record

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    1. On the main toolbar click the Suppliers button File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../300_How+to+preview+and+print+a+note+in+a+supplier+record/Supplier_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif.
      The Find Suppliers page is displayed.

    2. In the Search for field, type in the name (or part of the name) of the record you want to search for.

    3. Click Search or press the [Enter] key.
      The results that match your search criteria are listed in the window.

    4. Double-click the record you want to open.
      The Supplier page for the selected record is displayed.

    5. Click the Main tab to display it.

    6. In the right hand column, select the note you want to preview and print.

    7. Click the View button below the Notes box. The note page opens.

    8. Click Print Preview in the Task Bar. The preview opens in a new window.

    9. To print the note, click the Print icon File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/140_How+To.../300_How+to+preview+and+print+a+note+in+a+supplier+record/Print_button.gif in the preview window.
      The note is printed.

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