Adding suppliers to the database

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    An Add New Supplier Wizard guides you through the stages involved in creating a new supplier in the system quickly and easily. This wizard is your starting point every time you add a supplier to the database.

    As the wizard is designed to quickly and easily guide you through all the required steps, you can simply follow the prompts. However, if you prefer, you can just use the wizard to create the supplier record, or to reach a certain stage in the process, and then complete the process at another time from the Supplier page. The only mandatory steps in the Wizard are the first two. After this you can click the Finish button at any time to save the new supplier with any details entered up to that point. All suppliers created with the Wizard are searchable in the same way as any other supplier, and can therefore be opened and worked on at any time outside of the wizard in the usual way.

    You can cancel the supplier creation at any time during the wizard by clicking Cancel, or you can save the supplier and close the wizard by clicking Finish.


    When you are working through the Add New Supplier Wizard, if any mandatory fields have not been completed you will remain in the current step and a warning icon File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/030_Adding+suppliers+to+the+database/Warning_icon.gif will be placed next to the mandatory fields. Complete these fields then click Next to proceed.

    The steps in the Add New Supplier Wizard are outlined in the diagram below.


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