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    Suppliers are individuals or organisations that provide your practice with goods or services.  Suppliers might include stationers, specialist consulting services, courier services, maintenance contractors, etc.

    When working with suppliers, your starting point is the Supplier page. From here you can view, amend and add information such as addresses, contact numbers, notes, activities, billing information and documents. The Supplier page is accessed by clicking the Supplier button on the main toolbar and entering the name of the supplier you want to view in the Find Supplier window.

    File:dirname/pm/030_Suppliers/010_About+Suppliers/Supplier_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif Click the Supplier button on the menu bar to access supplier screens.

    When you need to create a new supplier, choose File>New>Supplier to launch the Wizard that will guide you through the process.


    For users who have both CCH Practice Management and CCH Central installed, note that for fields shared by the two products you must always add or update information within CCH Practice Management, not in  the CCH Central database. The information flow is only one way from CCH Practice Management to the CCH Central database.

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