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How to create a document

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The Document tab is used to create and maintain a database of documents that relate to a contact or a client.

You can create a document:

  • while in the Document tab of a Contact or Client page, create and save a link to a document, or

  • while in Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook, create and save a link to the document into the Document tab.

Storing links to documents this way gives the practice a central place to easily find information related to any one particular contact or client at any one time.

  1. Click the Contacts button File:dirname/pm/020_Contacts+and+Clients/090_How+to.../010_How+to+create+a+document/Contact_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif, or Clients button File:dirname/pm/020_Contacts+and+Clients/090_How+to.../010_How+to+create+a+document/client_button_on_main_toolbar_SMALL.gif as appropriate.
    The Find page appears.

  2. In the Search for field type the name or search criteria for the contact you want to create a document for.

  3. Click the OK button or press the [Enter] key.
    The search results are displayed.

  4. Double–click the record in the list that you want to view details for.
    The Contact or Client page appears.

  5. Click the Documents tab to display it.

  6. Click the Add document button File:dirname/pm/020_Contacts+and+Clients/090_How+to.../010_How+to+create+a+document/Add_a_new_document_based_on_a_template_button.gif in Tasks in the Task Bar.
    The Add Document windows appears.

  7. If you want to address the document to an associate of the selected contact, click in the first list box and select the required associate. Otherwise you can accept the default addressee or type the addressee details directly into the Address Line 1 and Line 2 fields.

  8. If you want to change the default location where the document will be saved, click the File:dirname/pm/020_Contacts+and+Clients/090_How+to.../010_How+to+create+a+document/Ellipsis_button.gif button.
    The Save As window will display where you can select the required path.


You set up the default path where documents are saved. The default location for saving the document is based on the Maintenance > System > Document Creating Settings.

  1. Type any notes about the document into the Description field.

  2. Click the template you want to use for the document in the Templates list.

  3. Click OK.
    The new document will open in Word ready for you to enter the contents.

  4. Save and close Word when you have finished the document.
    The new document will be listed in the Document tab where you can click it to open the document for editing if required.

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