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    This tab provides details of draft bills together with a full billing history for the selected client. Bills created at both the client level and assignment level are listed here. Any draft bills created for the client can be accessed from here. Double–click a draft bill in the list to open the Billing Main pages for the bill from where you can complete the billing process.

    Once a bill has been posted it will appear in the Full Billing History area. The Full Billing History area shows the client’s previous invoices. From here you can view the previous bills and use them as a template for standing orders.

    The following buttons are available at the bottom of the Bills tab:


    What it does....



    This produces a Draft Internal Bill Report of the selected invoice, displayed in a Print Preview window. This report displays the relevant billed WIP entries.



    This button displays the Create New Standing Orders Template window where you can use an existing bill as the basis for creating estimated repeat bill entries. For example, you could stipulate that a particular bill was required on a specific frequency (that is, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly). If you want to create a standing order based on a bill created at the assignment level, you will need to create the standing order from the Bills tab in the Assignment page.



    This is used to partially or fully reverse an invoice.

    You need to have the correct level of security to reverse bills.

    Preview Bill



    This option displays the invoice in Word.

    Draft bills are created by selecting the Billing Wizard option on the Task Bar. This option is available when the Client page or Assignment page is displayed, regardless of the tab selected. However, the page selected will determine whether the bill is raised at the client or assignment level.

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