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    The first time you login to the application, your Home Page has a Task Bar that looks like this. The content of the Home Page is usually blank.





    The Task Bar is always displayed on the left of the window. It provides you with one–click navigation to main features within the database. It changes as you move to a different pages or windows.

    You can customise your Home Page using the Task Bar so that you can display information on your Home Page to quickly access features that are appropriate to how you use the application. However, if your Home Page shows information, it means that your system administrator has set a default Home Page for you.

    You can minimise the Task Bar by clicking Close File:dirname/pm/010_Overview/080_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/Gen_Task_Bar_Close.gif and open it again by using View>Task Bar from the Main Menu.

    You can also Auto Hide the Task Bar by clicking the Pin File:dirname/pm/010_Overview/080_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/Gen_Task_Bar_Pin.gif and open it again by clicking Task Bar   File:dirname/pm/010_Overview/080_Taskbar+Options/010_About+the+Task+Bar/Task_Bar_Hide_%26_Show.gifshown at the top left corner of the content area.

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