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    There is a direct link between the following status options and the assignment schedule stage status options:

    • In progress

    • Complete

    • Problem

    • Risk

    When you update a linked milestone in the Toolbox>Job Sheet home page control, the linked schedule stage is updated on the assignment schedule. This is true for the reverse as well, i.e., if you update a linked assignment schedule stage, the linked milestone on the homepage is updated as well.

    You can add task statuses to the Task Status screen and use them to update the status of schedule stages on the Assignment>Schedule tab.


    However, while milestone statuses and assignment schedule stage statuses are only linked with regard to the In progress, Complete, Problem and Risk status options, updating a linked schedule stage with a user-created task status will result in the status of the milestone on the homepage control being cleared.

    When using the Clear Status option for a linked milestone on the homepage control, the status in the linked assignment schedule stage will be set to Not Started.

    If you decide to change the description of the following task status options on the Task Status window, the homepage control will be updated with the new description. These changes will be reflected in the homepage control the next time you start the application.

    • In progress

    • Complete

    • Problem

    • Risk

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