Toolbox: Approve

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    Toolbox: Approve Option

    When you drag the Approve option from the Toolbox, the default display is the list of WIP items to approve showing their WIP status.


    Right-click the display to show the pop-up menu. From this menu you can:


    • sort the WIP Approval items into:

    • WIP items to Approve and authorise them

    • My Posted WIP items and view or reverse them

    • My Unposted WIP items and view or adjust them

    • Posted WIP items

    • view  Bills to approve and authorise them

    • select a field to view via Field Chooser

    • show totals of columns for both WIP Approval and Bills to approve. The totals will show at the foot of the columns. They remain on or off until you change it.

    • export a view to Excel.

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