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Use the Selection Flow Chart

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The Selection Flow Chart allows you to create simple or complex criteria to view all or a limited set of records. You set specific conditions and only the results that match your conditions appear in the report. For example, you may want to create a report that displays specific information about all clients based in London.

Create Condition

The following steps describes how to create a simple condition based on the Main Address: Town data source. You will add this data source to the report first so that you can verify that the correct results appear.

  1. Click the Report Layout tab.

  2. Click the plus (+) icon next to Mailing in the left pane to reveal the mailing sub-groups.

  3. Drag the data source Main Address: Town

  4. Click the Selection Flow Charttab.

  5. Drag the data source Main Address: Town to the Selection Flow Chart tab. The Item Filter dialog appears.

  6. Leave theTest drop-down as Is.

  7. Use the Value drop-down to select a town. For example, "London" and then click OK. A graphical representation of your criterion appears.

  8. Click the Report View tab to preview the report. Only clients that are based in the selected town appears.

Edit Condition

  1. Click the Selection Flow Chart tab.

  2. To edit the criteria click the value that represents you criterion e.g. (London) hyperlink. The Item Filter dialog appears.

  3. Modify and then click OK.

Note: You can also change whether the condition results in the data being included or excluded from the output. Click Exclude from output or Include in output and change to the alternative option to return different results.

Remove Condition

  • Click the Test (Is) hyperlink and select Remove.


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