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There are two areas within CCH Personal Tax where you can enter online filing credentials so that you can file tax returns online:

Employee Details - Online Filing Details tab
The login details entered here relate to a specific employee.

Tax System Parameters
Login details apply to the practice as a whole, or for a specific Company, Office or Department.

Online Filing Credentials

The online filing credentials used to submit a tax return is based on the following priority order:

  • Employee’s credentials

  • Company, Office, or Department credentials

  • Database level credentials

Add Login Details for an Individual Employee

  1. Click the Employeesbutton on the toolbar.

  2. In Search for enter the search criteria for the employee and then click Search.

  3. Once located double-click or press [Enter] on the employee you would like to work on.

  4. Click the Online Filing Details tab.

  5. Enter your agent credentials and then click Save.

Note: If necessary repeat the above steps to add login details to other employees.

Add Login Details by Organisation Type

  1. From the menu select Maintenance > Tax Settings > Tax System Parameters and then click the FBI tab.

  2. Enter your agent credentials:

  • User ID

  • Password

  • E-Mail address

  1. Select one of the options under Filing by Internet Credentials selected by. This option allows you to file by a specific area within your organisation:

  • company

  • office

  • department

The tab then displays the details associated with the selected option and what details will be used.

online filing.png

  1. Click this Ellipsis2.png  button to display the Find window and search for the name of the company, office, or department that you want to add, and then double-click or click OK to select it.

  2. Ensure that you complete the following for the selected organisation type:

  • User ID

  • Password

  • E-mail Address

  1. When done, click OK.


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