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Add Lloyd's Accrued Income

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  1. Open the Lloyd's Other UK Investment Income

  2. Select the fund type from the Lloyds fund drop-down.

  3. Select Other UK Investment income from the type.

  4. Select the source

  5. Select in transaction Type Accrued Income charges or Accrued Income allowances

  6. Enter Date of transaction

  7. Enter the quantity

  8. Enter the amount received.

  9. Click Save or save and close

Note: When you import data from CCH SecTAX then Imported from SecTAX is automatically selected. You cannot edit data imported from CCH SecTAX within CCH Personal Tax.



About Lloyd's Losses on Deeply Discounted Securities
A Deeply Discounted Security has a discount or premium paid on redemption of the bond instead of interest over the life of the bond.
About Lloyd's Losses
The Lloyd's Losses section contains information relating to any Lloyd's losses accumulated in the current tax year.
Losses Interface Overview
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