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About Importing Client Data

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The import wizard allows you to add client data previously exported from CCH Personal Tax and/or CCH PerTAX. The actual process of importing data particularly from CCH PerTAX's legacy database requires the following of a very stringent process. Therefore, you should consult CCH Software Support before undertaking this yourself.

Importing a CCH Personal Tax Client

  1. To get started select File > Import from the menu. The Import tax client tab appears.

  2. Click Import data from file. The Open dialog appears.

  3. Select the file that contains the client that you want to import and then click Open. Select data to import appears.

  4. Review the client's details and any important messages that appears under Status.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Next to proceed with the import. Import Complete appears.

  7. Review the status of the import for any import messages and then click Finish.

Before you can import a client from CCH PerTAX you must first specify the location of the database within Tax System Parameters.

Note: Not all data is imported, for a detailed explanation of what is converted please refer to the CCH Personal TAX System Administrators Guide.

Import CCH PerTAX Legacy Database Client

  1. Select Maintenance > Tax Settings > Tax System Parameters. The Tax System Parameters tab appears.

  2. Click the Database Links tab.

  3. In Location of working folder for CCH PerTAX enter the location of the database or click big ellipsis button.png to navigate to the folder. On most systems the database is stored here: C:\WTAXMP.

  4. Click OK to close the System Parameters tab.

Importing a CCH PerTAX Legacy Client

  1. Select File > Import from the menu. The Import tax client tab appears.

  2. Click Import from legacy PerTAX database. Select Clients to convert appears.

  3. Select one or more of the following options:

  • Only convert client information - Converts only static client data without tax information. This option disables tax related options.
  • Run in diagnostic mode  - Validates the conversion process without updating the database
  • Taxyear - Select the tax year that you want to convert.
  • Convert all subsequent years - Converts the selected tax years and those that follow.
  1. Click the Client Code column heading check box to select all clients or use one next to each client's code to select specific clients.

  2. Click Next.

  3. On the Confirm Client Conversion, review the confirmation details.

  4. Click Next.  Conversion completed appears.

  5. Check any messages that appears and then click Finish.


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