Creating a customised Profit & Loss

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This section explains how to create a customised layout for the Profit & Loss within a period of account in CCH Corporation Tax.

Customising the Profit & Loss layout

The layout of the Profit & Loss can be customised to suit any size company.

To create a customised Profit & Loss:

  1. Select Insert P & L from the Profit & Loss actions panel in the left hand task bar. The following layout will appear.


  1. This is the standard layout presented and can be changed.
  2. Right click in the centre of a row to display the options available (See screen shot below).


  1. Select Add income row to add a row immediately below the one highlighted and the value entered will be added to arrive at the Profit/(loss) before tax.
  2. Select Add expense row to add a row immediately below the one highlighted and the value will be deducted to arrive at the Profit/(loss) before tax.
  3. Select Add child rows to add any number of rows below and indented immediately below the row highlighted. The rows added will be totalled.


  1. Select Subtotal to create a new row which subtotals the rows above. 


  1. Enter a description for the row.
  2. To create analysis for any row select Insert analysis. A new window will appear.
  3. The customised layout can be saved as a template and used for other clients. Select Save P&L template 
  4. This layout is preserved and will be rolled forward each time a new period of account is created.
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