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This section explains the functions available within the Profit & Loss panel in the left hand Task Bar.

Actions Panel

The Profit & Loss panel contains 5 tasks/functions in the form of hyperlinks:                     

  1. Insert (Remove) P&L
  • This allows you to Insert a Profit & Loss account into a period of account. 
  • Remove P&L will appear when a Profit & Loss has been inserted.
  1. Load P&L template
  • This allows you to load a previously created Profit & Loss template.
  1. Save P&L Template 
  • This function allows you to save a Profit & Loss template for use with other client Tax Returns. 
  1. Enable (Disable) P&L tagging
  • This function enables the iXBRL tagging facility present within CCH Corporation Tax.
  • Disable P&L tagging option will only be seen once Enable P&L tagging has been selected.
  1. Delete all P&L tags
  • This link allows you to delete all Profit & Loss tags applied.



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