Investment Schedule

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    The Investment Schedule report is located on the Task Bar under Client Reports.

    Investment Schedule Configuration

    The Investment Schedule is configurable in so far as you can choose which columns you would like to include within the report. To customise the report select Maintenance > CGT and Dividend Scheduling > Settings > Investment Schedule Column Selection where you are also able to vary the size of the font used in the report.

    The Investment Schedule includes a profit and loss calculation which unlike the CGT calculation works on the principle that all holdings in a security share the same unit cost, known as the book cost. Due to CGT matching rules this means the CGT cost will be different to the book cost. If that is the case for any particular security the correct opening book cost can be entered on the than the Opening Book Values window.



    Edit Valuations
    This Edit Valuations allows you to overwrite market valuations for a security or enter new valuations. Where possible a valuation is provided for each security on the last working day of each month and the last working day of the tax year. Adding additional valuations can be useful for tax planning purposes.