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  • The Dividend Schedule report lists all dividends and interest payments that become payable in the period requested and is available in a choice of either Portrait or Landscape format.
  • The Capital Gains Schedule records all relevant movements within a Portfolio and applies the appropriate legislation to all chargeable disposals and transfers in the period requested.
  • The Realised Gains schedule is formatted in the same way as the full Capital Gains Tax Schedule but only contains those securities that were subject to a disposal during the period.
  • This Schedule will list all Accrued Interest relevant to the period requested and will provide separate totals of all charges and rebates.
  • The various summary reports summarise all of the information shown in more detail on the other Schedules. Information is presented in an easy-to-read style and is suitable for giving to a Client who does not wish to see all of the detail contained in the full Schedules.
  • The Investment Schedule report is located on the Task Bar under Client Reports.
  • In addition to the standard detailed reports there are a range of reports developed with the tax payer in mind. These reports, available in the Task Bar, cover UK Dividends etc. (options for with or without a page break between the various different types of income), Foreign Income, Disposals, Offshore Disposals, Accrued Interest, Valuations, Closing Balances, Acquisitions and Disposals and Securities not paying Dividends.
  • The Client List report is accessed via Maintenance > CGT and Dividend Scheduling > Portfolios > Portfolio List and you can either report on a specific Fiscal Year or all Fiscal Years.