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    Use this screen to make adjustments to dividends generated by the system and to insert dividends for Private Companies.

    Dividends Window Options

    Dividend adjustments maybe needed for a variety of reasons with the most common relating to variances in foreign dividends due to exchange rate differences.

    The window contains the following fields:




    Security Code

    Enter the Code for the Security in question.

    If you are unaware of the Code then this can easily be established by invoking the Security Code Lookup Facility. To do this simply position your cursor within the Security Code field and then either double click or press the F5 key on your keyboard.

    Dividend Type

    Select Default.

    Ex Div Date

    In cases where you are overwriting a system generated dividend ensure the date you enter agrees with the date on the dividend schedule.

    Delete from Schedule

    Select this check box if you want to delete a dividend generated by the system. No further entries are then required.

    Payment Date

    If you are overwriting a system generated dividend then this field can be left blank.

    If a new dividend is being inserted then a date must be entered which should not be later than the end date of the schedule you are processing.

    Sequence Code

    If you are amending or deleting a system generated dividend you may need to enter a sequence code which will be in the range A-Z.

    If a Sequence Code is required then you will be advised by way of an information line on the Proof Schedule e.g. "9.7P Dividend is Sequence Code P". Note that if the Sequence Code is required but is omitted, you see both the original dividend and the dividend that is supposed to override it.

    Dividend Rate

    If you are overwriting a system generated dividend then this field should be left blank.

    To insert or change a dividend rate click on the Rate button, select a Currency Code from the dropdown list of ISO currency codes and enter the Dividend Rate.

    Dividend/Tax Credit/Gross/Net etc.

    The choice of dividend type will be determined by the security you are working on. If you are inserting a UK Dividend you will be presented with fields for Dividend, Tax Credit and Gross. Alternatively, if you are dealing with Foreign Income (UK Tax Deducted) then you will be presented with fields for UK Tax, Foreign Tax, Gross and Net.

    Foreign Income Dividend

    Select this check box if the dividend is a Foreign Income Dividend.



    • To override a system-generated Accumulation unit dividend, the Dividend portion is overwritten on the Dividends screen, but the cost write-up is overwritten on the Sundries screen.