Processing Stages

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There are many ways in which you can approach processing a portfolio and you will almost certainly develop a method which is best suited to the profile of cases you are working with as your knowledge of the system grows.

For example, you may prefer to enter transactions every three or six months or alternatively, and probably more commonly, you will wait until the end of the tax year and enter all the transactions in one go.

However whichever method you adopt you will need to understand the distinction between the Proof and Final stages.

Topics in this Section

  • In situations where a client has multiple portfolios they will normally need to be consolidated for CGT purposes. For this to happen you need to create a master portfolio for the multiple portfolios to consolidate into.
  • To process a case simply select Run Calculation in the sidebar which will generate the Calculation Processing Options window where you can choose which reports you want to view and the various options laid out below.
  • Whenever you choose to print a schedule you will be asked to specify whether you require the Proof or Final format.
  • When you are completely satisfied that the portfolio is correct you should print the case selecting the Final format.
  • The transfer of data to CCH Personal Tax and Personal Tax Trust is governed by the Tax Links screen in CCH Central.