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An assignment is one of the various types of professional services that you offer clients. An assignment also includes the internal work carried out in by the practice in support of those services. An assignment is a way of segmenting the work the practice does - like a folder you use to keep track of the work you do for a client in a particular area.

All time and disbursements are recorded against assignments. The Assignments module allow you to logically group the different work types into (chargeable) and internal work (non–chargeable). You may already know these as 'matters'.

An Assignment may involve these or other services:

  • Compliance
  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning

You can also set up a standard set of assignments which you can use for each client when they ask for your services. In setting up standard assignments, you save time and ensure consistency in the workflow of the practice and estimation of the costs involved. These standard sets of assignments are called Assignment Templates.

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