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Replication allows for the synchronisation of data in multiple environments. For example, ensuring that the data in several branch offices remains consistent with the data in the Head Office.

Replication can function in two ways:

Off-line laptop usage

Employees can take a copy of the database home, post time, add bills and run reports. On returning to the (head) office, data can be synchronised with the server.

Multiple office sites

Each site has a local copy of the database. Amendments, additions and deletions are then synchronised between offices on a pre-determined (user definable) basis (for example, nightly).

The main office is designated as the Publisher with the remaining offices set up as Subscribers. The Publisher office can communicate with all locations but a Subscriber office can only deal with the main Publisher office.

Please contact your system administrator or CCH Customer Care and Support for further information on this feature.


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