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CCH Central allows users to classify a contact or client’s trade by business type. This acts as a filter on the Find window. For example, when a contact or client is attached to the business type 'Bank', the contact or client will be listed when the user searches for Type 'Bank'.

A list of Business Types is included in Central:

  • Auditor

  • Bank

  • Charity

  • Expat Employer

  • HMRC Office

  • Solicitor

  • Other

The default Business Type is‘Other’. All new contacts created in the system will default to ‘Other’.

Users can add their own types via the Maintenance>Client/Supplier>Business Type screen.

Each Business Type that is shipped out with Central (apart from ‘Other’) has a specific permission which restricts users from editing records attached to a given Business Type. This permission restricts users from modifying details for a given Business Type.

Any new Business Types created by the user will not have permissions. A new section for Business Type related permissions has been created under Maintenance>SecurityTask Permissions. This can be found under Product Central and group description of Business Type.


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