Adding an employee to an Employee Group

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    This is where you add employees to security groups to define their access rights to the application. This is usually completed when using the Wizard to create an employee record but it can also be done through the Employee Details page > Security Groups tab.

    Every employee has to be part of at least one security group before they can use the database.

    When you first access the Security Groups window for an employee, you will see two lists of security groups. They are:

    • Is Not A Member Of... list displaying all the groups set up in CCH Central.

    • Is A Member Of... list is blank until you add the security groups from the first list.

    Add employee to security group

    1. From the main menu, select Maintenance > Security > Employee Group Security

    2. On the Employee Group Security window, click the Ellipsis button File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/100_Security/030_Employee+Group+Security/030_How+to+add+an+employee+to+an+Employee+Security+Group/bttn_ellipsis.gif in the Employee field to find the employee you want to add to the security group. 

    3. On the Find Employee window, select the employee and click OK.  The Employee Group Security window refreshes displaying the employee's name. 

    4. In the Is not a member of... panel, select the group that you want to add the employee to, and then click the File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/100_Security/030_Employee+Group+Security/030_How+to+add+an+employee+to+an+Employee+Security+Group/bttn_move_sel_right.gif button to move the group to the Is a member of... panel. (To add all groups to the employee, click the File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/100_Security/030_Employee+Group+Security/030_How+to+add+an+employee+to+an+Employee+Security+Group/bttn_move_all_right.gif button. The employee will have the access permissions of all the groups.) 

    5. Repeat Step 3 for each group as required and then click OK to save changes and close the window.