Setting up new Employee Leave Types

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    Using the Employee Leave Type window you can add and maintain leave types for employees. Leave types might include Annual, Sick, Maternity or Study.

    Set up new Employee Leave Types

    1. On the main menu, click Maintenance > Employee Leave Type.

    2. On the Employee Leave Type window, in the Description cell in the top row, enter the name of the new leave type.

    3. In the Assignment Type column, enter the assignment type for the leave.

    4. To add another leave type, press [Enter] and then enter details in the newly created row at the top of the table.

    5. To edit an existing leave type, click the Description and modify the text.

    6. When you have finished, click File:dirname/central/070_Maintenance/070_Employee/030_Employee+Leave+Type/010_How+to+set+up+new+Employee+Leave+Types/bttn_ok.gif to save the changes and close the window.