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How to assign an employee to a security group

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Each employee must be assigned to a Security Group so that they have the necessary access permissions to use the database and carry out certain functions.

Usually, you assign an employee to a security group when you first create the employee's record. However, you may need to assign or modify their group at another time. In these cases, you modify their group using the Security Groups tab on the Employees Details page.

  1. On the Employees Details page, click the Security Groups tab.

The Group field shows the default security group.

  1. To accept the default security group, click OK.


  1. To assign a different security group,

  1. Click in the row showing the security group.
    Ellipsis button File:dirname/central/060_Employees/100_How+to.../050_How+to+assign+an+employee+to+a+security+group/bttn_ellipsis.gif appears at the end of the row.

  1. The Find Security Group window appears.

  2. Click the Search button.

  3. Security Groups and their descriptions are displayed.

  4. Select the Security Group required.

  5. Click OK.

  6. The Security Group appears in the Security Groups panel.

  7. Click OK to save and exit the Security Group tab.

The employee is assigned security permission connected with the Security Group selected.

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