Add New Employee Wizard - Step 2

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    The Step 2 of 8  Employee Extra Details tab collects additional information that the practice wants to collect about employees. The fields represent custom categories and custom fields set up earlier by the system administrator.

    You must complete all the mandatory fields, which are flagged with a red triangle, like this File:dirname/central/060_Employees/090_Using+the+Add+New+Employee+Wizard/030_Add+New+Employee+Wizard+-+Step+2/icon_mandatory.gif, or appear in red font. You cannot proceed to the next step until all mandatory information has been entered.

    1. On the Extra Fields tab, click the value field in the Employee Group row.

    2. Select a category of employee from the drop-down list in the Value field for the Employee Group.

    3. Click the value field in any remaining field and select a value.

    1. To continue using the wizard, click Next.
      The Step 3 window appears to enter address details.


      To go to the Employee Details page, click Finish.


    It is optional to continue through the remaining steps of the Wizard to create and enter information for the employee. Once created you can add information and modify the record on the Employee Details page.

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