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Add New Employee Wizard - Step 1

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  1. On the Step 1 of 8  Employee Personal Details window, enter a Code for the employee.
    This is a mandatory field. The code must be a unique identifier or the employee's payroll number, etc.

    Mandatory fields show a small red triangle shows like this File:dirname/central/060_Employees/090_Using+the+Add+New+Employee+Wizard/020_Add+New+Employee+Wizard+-+Step+1/icon_mandatory.gif.  This icon  File:dirname/central/060_Employees/090_Using+the+Add+New+Employee+Wizard/020_Add+New+Employee+Wizard+-+Step+1/icon_warning.gif appears if you try to skip the field. You cannot move forward until the field is completed.

  2. Enter the employee's Title, First Name and Last Name.
    The Last Name field is mandatory.

  3. Enter the employee's user name in the U/Name field.
    This is a mandatory field. Without a U/Name, the employee will not be able to access the database.

  1. Specify the employee's Gender, D.O.B. and Birth Place.
    The employee's Age is displayed automatically based on the date of birth.

  2. Enter the employment commencement date in the Start Date field.

  3. From the drop-down lists, allocate the employee to their:

  4. Department

  5. Office

  6. Company

  7. Centre

  8. Category.

  1. Enter the employee's Salutation, Mailing Name, Initials and Alias if required.

  2. Click Next.
    The Step 2 window appears. This is where you enter additional details for the employee.

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