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    The Find Employees page appears when you click the Employees File:dirname/central/060_Employees/020_Find+Employees+page/bttn_employees.gif button on the Toolbar.

    You use the Find Employees page to search for a record of an employee. The fields on the page comprise:



    What it does

    Search for

    Enter the Employee name or code or part thereof.

    If you leave the field blank all records in the database appear. You can sort the results:

    • alphabetically by clicking a column header

    • by column  topic by dragging a column header  to the sort bar.File:dirname/central/060_Employees/020_Find+Employees+page/find_pg_sort_bar.gif

    Hide form when only one item found

    Select this box so that if there is only one record that matches your search criteria, that the record opens automatically.

    Search any part of name/code

    Select this box so that the search results will contain any part of the search criteria within their name. For example: 'mit' in Smith.

    Leave this box unchecked so that the search results show only those names with the search criteria at the beginning of their names. For example: 'mit' at the beginning of Mitchell.

    Include inactive employees

    Select to also search inactive records in the database. Left unselected means only active records are searched.

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