How to delete a Task from a Stage

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    1. Find the Assignment.
      Assignment Details page appears.

    1. Click the Schedule tab.

    2. Select the Schedule you want to delete the Stages from in the drop-down schedule list.
      The Stages are listed.


    3. Expand the Stage containing the Task you want to delete.

    4. Click the Tasks button (far right hand-side) of the row.
      The Tasks window appears.

    5. Highlight the Task you want to delete in the Selected Tasks panel.

    6. Click the File:dirname/central/050_Assignments/230_How+to.../210_How+to+delete+a+Task+from+a+Stage/move_sel_left_bttn.gif button.
      The Task is deleted and is no longer available to log time against on Timesheets.

    7. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each Task you want to delete.

    8. Click OK on the Assignment Details page.

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