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How to add Stages from a Schedule Template to a Schedule

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There is a quick way to add stages to a schedule — you simply attach stages from a schedule template that exists in the system.

Schedule templates list commonly used steps that you can use copy across to an assignment that you are setting up. You can allocate any of the stages listed or add a new one to customise a schedule to the needs of a client.

  1. Add a  Schedule to the Assignment

  2. In the Task Bar under Schedules, click the Add from template button.
    The Add from Schedule Templates window appears.


  3. Select a template from the Templates drop-down list.
    The window displays the stages in the
    Schedule Template.


  4. Review each stage and if you don't want to include a stage onto a particular assignment, simply clear the box against the stage.

  5. Click Add.
    The stages are added to the
    Schedule page.

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