How to add a Stage to a Schedule

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    A Stage is a series of related tasks grouped around the skill requirements and level of authority of the person or area assigned to complete them.

    1. Find the Assignment.
      Assignment Details page appears.

    2. Click the Schedule tab.

    3. Select the assignment you want to add stages to in the drop-down assignments list.


    4. Type the next sequential number into the Step field.

    5. Type a description into the Stage Description.

      A stage description might be entered like this:

      Commence Job and if it is typed as Step 1 the Predecessor is None

      Preparation and the Predecessor is Commence Job (1)

      Review and the Predecessor is Preparation (2)

      Finalisation and the Predecessor is Review (3)

    6. Choose a predecessor from the Predecessor drop-down list. (This is the previous stage you entered.)

    7. Press [Enter].
      The Status column displays Not started. The remaining columns remain blank.

    8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each stage you are creating.

    9. Click OK on the Assignment Details page to save the stages.

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