How to set up work using a custom Assignment

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    There will be occasions when you will want to create a custom assignment because existing assignment templates do not describe the work that is required for a client.

    An assignment template represents professional services that are used repeatedly by the practice for different clients.

    An assignment represents professional services carried out by the practice for clients, such as:

    • Compliance

    • Tax

    • Accounting

    • Financial Planning

    When you create a custom assignment it will only be available for the client you are setting it up for. To make it available for use with other clients, set it up as an assignment template.

    1. Find the Client.
      The Client page appears.

    1. Click the Assignments tab.

    1. Click the Add assignment File:dirname/central/050_Assignments/230_How+to.../110_How+to+set+up+work+using+a+custom+Assignment/bttn_add_ass.gif button under Assignment in the Task Bar.
      The Add Assignment window appears.


    1. In the Add Assignment window:

    1. Enter:

    2. in the Assignment Name field - an identifying name for the new assignment.

    • in the Assignment Code - the code for the new assignment.

    1. Select an appropriate Assignment Type from the list.

      It identifies the type of work to be provided to the client (for example, Tax or Business Services) and whether the work will be chargeable.

    2. Select from the drop-down lists the areas in the practice that will be responsible for carrying out the work:

    3. Company

    4. Office

    5. Dept

    6. Centre

    7. Nominal

    1. Click OK.

    The new assignment is added to the list in the Assignment tab of the Client page.

    1. Click OK on the Client page.


    The next step is to set up a schedule. Refer to How to add a Schedule to an Assignment.

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