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How to add a Job to an Assignment - Assignments, Schedules and Jobs, and Assignments, Schedule, Jobs and Job Time Recording Modes

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The following information is valid only for the Assignments, Schedules and Jobs or Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job Time Recording job modes.

If a schedule template has been added to the selected assignment template, a schedule will be created and added to the assignment using the schedule template details.  If no schedule template is associated with an assignment template, a job will be created and added to the assignment.

  1. Find the Client.
    The Client Page displays.

  1. Click the Assignments tab.
    All existing assignments are listed.

  2. Right click the assignment you want to add the job to.  The pop up menu appears.

  3. On the pop up menu, click the Add Job option.  If no schedule template has been detected for the chosen assignment, a Job is created and the Add Job/Schedule window is displayed.

  4. If the selected template does not have the following details displayed, enter/modify the:

  5. Job: Defaults to the current year that can be typed over as this is a text field.

  6. Assigned to: Optional field.  Use the Ellipsis button to select an employee.

  7. Budget: Optional field. Specify a budget for the job.

  8. Target: Optional field. Enter a target completion date for the job.


The responsibility details are not available on this window as the they are only applicable when adding new assignments to clients.

  1. Enter Notes if required and then click Finish. You will be taken to the Client>Assignment tab where you will see the newly created job attached to the assignment.

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