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    The Misc/Est tab holds information to review or create miscellaneous charges and estimates for a client's assignment.

    A miscellaneous charge is a cost that you want to pass on to the client that cannot be entered onto a Timesheet or recorded as a disbursement. It is often a fixed amount charge that you have been billed for on a client’s behalf. They can also be used for entering opening WIP balances into the ledger.

    There are two ways of applying a miscellaneous charge:

    • Use this tab if you want to use a miscellaneous charge to increase the amount of WIP held against the client's assignment. The miscellaneous charges shows on reports but does not increase the amount recorded for time or disbursements. You bill the charge as you would any other WIP amount.

    • Use the Bill tab if you only want to increase the billable amount for a client without affecting their WIP total.

    An estimate is added at the time of billing from the Bill tab and reviewed via this Misc/Est tab. The estimate is used to raise an invoice for client work that has not yet been entered as WIP and puts a credit against the total WIP amount. There is no write–off/on required.

    Like a miscellaneous charge, you can apply an estimate against any client assignment, regardless of whether it has any billable WIP against it.

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