Schedules and Schedule Templates

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    A schedule lists commonly used steps in sequence that will achieve work to be done. A schedule specifies the start and end date of the work to be carried out.  It is usually cyclical because the nature of the work involved in them can be repeated time and time again for the same client or another client.

    An example of a schedule could be work carried out at different intervals and described along the lines of:

    • a yearly schedule example — 2005, 2006, 2007 and so on

    • a quarterly schedule example   — First Quarter, Second Quarter, etc.

    • a monthly or weekly schedule example — Bookkeeping, Wages, or similar.

    A schedule is part of an assignment and specifies stages and milestones.

    Schedule Templates

    A schedule template lists commonly used steps put into a sequence to provide a master workflow. When creating a schedule template for an assignment you choose steps from a list of task codes (activities you need to perform to fulfil the steps required for the client’s assignment).

    A schedule template is created using the procedure How to set up a Schedule Template. When saved the schedule template becomes a reusable for many clients. A schedule template is flexible in that you can also add unique stages or milestones to suit the particular needs of work or a client.

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