Attaching Assignment Jobs workflows

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    Assignment Jobs workflows are launched from the Start Workflow option within the right click pop up menu of the job. 

    Before starting an Assignment Jobs workflow on a job, users need to ensure that the following settings are made:

    • A Frequency and an Algorithm needs to be set on the Main tab > Job Settings section from the Assignment screen. The values set on these fields are required to make use of the Job Roll Forward activity.

    Job Settings.png

    • Ensure that the Job has a Target Date set, as this may be used to populate the deadline dates and is required by the Job Roll Forward process.


    The following validation rules has been added when starting Assignment Jobs workflows:

    • An Assignment Jobs workflow cannot be started on a job if the Job Target Date is missing.
    • An Assignment Jobs workflow cannot be started if the assignment on which the job was created does not have an algorithm and Frequency set.

    The following message is displayed if the rules described above are not met and the user clicks on the Start Workflow option from the right click menu of the job:


    To start an Assignment Jobs workflow, users need to associate the workflow with the assignment template and then the workflow can be started on the job.

    1. Select File > Maintenance > Assignment > Assignment Templates.

    2. Highlight the desired assignment template: e.g. Annual Accounts.

    3. Select the Workflow tab.

    4. Move the workflow from the Unavailable to the Available section using the right arrow.

    In the Workflow tab within the Assignment Template window, users can assign multiple Assignment Jobs workflows to an assignment.


    5. Repeat step 4 to add more workflow templates.

    6. Click OK to close the Assignment Templates screen.

    7. Open the client.

    8. Select the Assignments tab.

    9. Highlight the job from the assignment that was created based on the assignment template that has Assignment Jobs workflows associated in the Assignment Templates screen.

    10. Right click on the job, then select Start Workflow.

    The workflow that was marked as Default within the Assignment Templates screen appears ticked in the Start Workflow dialog.


    11. Select the workflow and click OK to start the workflow.

    Note: The Assignment Jobs workflows that are not associated with an assignment template cannot be started on a job. Those workflows are not displayed in the Start Workflow dialog from the job.

    The workflows that are started on jobs can be viewed in the Workflow Home Page control and also in the hosted Workflow control from the Assignments tab within the client: