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Deleting a Template

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When deleting a workflow template, you are prompted as to whether you want to remove all the historic related tasks that used the same workflow template.  A historic related task includes the following:

  • Completed workflows and associated tasks
  • Cancelled workflows and associated tasks
  • Terminated workflows and associated tasks

Within Standard Designer, highlight the workflow template to be deleted.  Press delete on the keyboard.  You are then prompted with the “Delete Workflow Template ” message


Note:  By Default, the focus is set to the No button.

Yes – Deletes the template and all related tasks.

No – Returns you to the Workflow Template list and does not delete the workflow.

Where a workflow is in use and the delete option is activated, the following message is returned:


Note: If a workflow is in use, a cog is displayed in the Running column.  An active workflow cannot be deleted; cancel all ‘in progress’ instances of this workflow, then delete.


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