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Designing Workflows

Click Maintenance > Central Workflow > Standard Workflows.  For a new template Click “Add” and enter the details. 

To edit an existing template just click the name:

Workflow steps​


Each row represents a workflow step. The common step types are:-

  • Central Task – A step which creates a task for the relevant user to complete. This type of task can also be set to Pass/Fail in the Task Type
  • Central Task (Multi Action) – A step which creates a task for the relevant user with choices e.g. “Yes”, “No”,”N/A”

A step which is a Central Task also has other properties e.g.

Due Start & Due End (either actual dates or offset dates based on date rules created under Maintenance > Central Workflow > Date Rules)

Employee Type (who the task gets assigned to)

Is Milestone (shows the step on the Workflow Homepage)

Notify By Email – you can received an email advising that you have a task to do

Managing Workflows using the Workflow Homepage 


  • A milestone which is “In progress” shows as a cog and can be completed using right click “Complete Milestone
  • Or right click “Select Outcome” if the step requires a choice

GlanceSelectOutcome1.png            GlanceArrow.png           GlanceSelectOutcome2.png

  • Or right click “Select Employee” if the step requires you to choose an employee


GlanceSelectEmployee1.png                GlanceArrow.png            GlanceSelectEmployee2.png


Note:  To export the Workflow homepage to Excel right click, untick “Use Icons” then right click again to see the “Export to Excel” option.


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