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    Like is a filtering expression you use with a word or letters to define the results you want.

    You may want to use 'like' when you:

    • know only part of the result you want

    • want to find values that start or end with a specific letter or match a certain pattern

    Like is usually used with the wildcard character *


    To search for clients with names beginning with the letter 's', type into the Filter field, [Like s*].
    This expression returns all clients with a name beginning with the letter 's'.

    In this example, using an asterisk in combination with the words or letters shown in the Field column, returns the results shown.



    Like adam

    Displays all clients beginning with the letters 'ADAM' such as Adam and Co, Adam Smith.

    Like ad

    Displays results that begin with the letters 'ad'.

    Like ad* finds Adam, Adrian, Adeline...

    Like *ad

    Displays results that end with the letters 'ad'.

    Like *ad finds Chad, Vlad, Brad...

    Like *ad*

    Displays results that contain the letters 'ad' in the middle of the word. For example, this will bring up Sadie and Madison, but not Adam or Brad.

    Not like adam

    Displays all records except those beginning with the letters specified.


    You can use either * or % as wildcard characters. Place them either at the start or at the end of the search text, not in the middle, i.e. not ad*am.
    The characters are not case sensitive.  This means that ad* would bring up the same results as AD*.