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    Between is a filtering expression you use to return a list of records that have values between a specified range of values.


    You could use [Between] (insert the start value) [and] (insert the end value)' to extract reports that fall within the specified range of values.

    For example, to find out if there are any clients within a range of Postcodes you could enter in the Filter column: 

    • Between 2130 and 2150 — Note: Both postcodes are included in the results

    Or, you could locate invoices between certain dates — Between 01/01/06 and 31/12/06.


    You can use single or double quotes around the values or none at all. If you use quotes, use the same type of quotes marks consistently otherwise the filters won't work.
    You can also use Not between... and... to return records that fall outside those postcodes.