Creating a New Template

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    CCH Reporter allows you to edit any saved templates, however CCH recommend that you retain the default templates supplied with the CCH Practice Management software. If you are using the default templates to design customised templates it is recommended that you save them as new templates rather than overwrite the existing ones.

    Create a New Template

    1. On the main toolbar click the Reports button, Reports toolbar button.
      The Reports page opens and the reporting areas are listed in the Task Bar.

      Reports Task Bar Options

    2. In the Task Bar select the Common Tasks option, then click Templates.
      The Templates display opens listing all the templates in your system.

    3. Click either the Portrait or the Landscape template and then click the New button (the default template you select prior to clicking on the New button, determines whether the page orientation for the new template is portrait or landscape).
      The Report Designer opens.


    By default a new template contains only the following elements:
    -  PageHeader
    -  Detail area
    -  PageFooter.
    A template or report can only have a single set of report header and footer elements, and a single set of page header and footer elements.
    1. Right click anywhere in the work area to start creating your template. Drag items from  the Report Toolbox to add items to the template. You can add headers or footers, move and align items, or add borders or colour.

      Report Toolbox

    2. When you have created the template, close the Report Designer page. A message displays where you can click Yes to save the template.
      The Save Template window appears.

    3. Select the Save as new template radio button.

    4. Enter a title for the new template.

    5. Click OK.
      The template is listed in the Reports page.

    6. Right click anywhere in the Template Designer work area to start creating your template.
      A template or report can only have a single set of Report header and footer elements, and a single set of Page header and footer elements.