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CCH Reporter relies on templates as the basis for any report layout. A template contains a definition of headers, footers and margins into which you can add data. It also has a defined page orientation (portrait or landscape) and can contain other standard elements such as graphic items, watermarks, title fields, page numbering and so on.

Template Layout

When you view a template , it displays the header, footer and detail areas much like a table.

The Report Contents area, in the top right hand side, provides a map of the components within a template.

Report content area

You can click on the + or – alongside an item to expand and collapse the map to view the components, and you can select items within the map in order to make them available for editing.

You are able to insert additional headers and footers into a template as you need them. The Toolbox and the Properties area are also available for use when editing and creating templates.

 Report Toolbox          Report Properties area


If editing the templates supplied with CCH Reporter, you are advised not to overwrite the existing templates.
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