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The group footers have a logical relationship to the group headers within a layout. If you are working in the Change Report window, when you add a field or fields to group data within a report, then CCH Reporter assigns a group header and footer using that field name (for example, ghClient and gfClient, where Client is the name of a field). It follows that when you add group totals in the Change Report window, CCH Reporter adds those totals to the matching group footer. This simplifies the task of building a report layout.


A saved report layout cannot be edited in the Change Reports window report; you risk losing some of the formatting features already included.

You can make any changes to the properties of a group footer in the Report Designer window if you want. For example, you could bold the footer, or reposition it if the default does not suit your purposes. It is often easier to add grouping fields in the Change Report window and then adjust them as necessary in the Report Designer window.

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