Adding/Adjusting Fields

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    Add/Adjust Fields

    1. Open the report you want to edit.

    2. In the Change Report page, click on the Report Designer button, Report Designer icon to open the Report Designer page.

    3. To add a new field, click the plus sign in the Fields area to expand the Available fields list to display all the available fields.

      Field Sclector

    4. Click and drag a field into the Detail area and release it in the section of the report where you want it to appear.

    5. To edit a field, click it in the Detail area so it is selected, then make your changes in the Properties area.


    Don’t forget to update the PageHeader with the appropriate title so that the data sitting in the column can be identified.
    If you want to use fields to generate a calculated value in a report, you can insert a text box by dragging it from the report toolbox and updating the DataField property with the exact field name or names.

    Report Toolbox