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When you make use of a standard template, the template controls items like margins and styles. If you choose to customise these items within a layout it makes sense to set any parameters that are applied to the page first. Report settings include margins, printer settings, styles and the grid that controls the exact positioning of items on a page.

Report settings are accessed via Designer > Page Setup. The icons for each category of Report Settings appear in the left hand side of the Report Settings window; click on an icon to access the available options.

Page Setup

The margins allow you to adjust the margin space on each edge of the page and to provide for a left hand side gutter as used in bound documents. You are also able to set mirror margins to allow for double sided reports.


Measurements are, by default, displayed in inches however you can change this to centimetres (see Global Settings below).

Printer Settings

The Printer Settings options allow you to switch between Portrait and Landscape orientation, to change paper size and to control the options on a default printer.


Styles work as they do in Microsoft Word; in other words you are able to define named styles which are then available to use within the report layout. Most commonly you may want to set styles for headings so that a standard look and feel can be applied reports. Should you want to change the default Normal style, then it makes sense to edit it just once here rather than continually having to change it within the Report work area.

Global Settings

In the Global Settings area, you are able to choose to display a grid and to adjust the measurements that control the grid in the report work area. The grid is used to assist with alignment of objects; auto alignment can be activated using the Align controls to grid checkbox.

The global settings window also allows you to switch between inches and centimetres as the ruler units within the report work area.

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