The Report Designer Window

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Explains what the feature is, what its benefits are to the user or customer, when to use it , how to access it.

Window Elements

Report Designer window

The work area is divided into three sections:

  • headers, including the report header, the page header and group headers.

  • the detail area, being the body of a report.

    The detail area of the layout is where all the data retrieved into a report is displayed. If you add fields to a report in the Change Report window, the layout is updated with. You can adjust the properties if you want in the Report Designer window.

  • footers, including group footers, page footers and a report footer.


It is the footers that display the sub totals and totals within a report.
Each section in the work area is represented with a title bar and a work area just beneath it that controls what appears in that area of the report. There are properties associated with the title bar and with any objects that you insert into the work area.
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