Design Tips

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    A great deal of customisation is available in the Report Designer window, allowing you to tailor a report to suit the exact requirements of your practice.


    When designing a new report, consider the following issues:

    • What data is to be included?

    • How will data be grouped?

    • How will data be summed?

    • What data is to be included?

    • Is portrait or landscape presentation the most appropriate?

    • What headers and footers are required?

    • What forced page breaks are required?

    • Is a standard/particular look and feel required?

    Once the design has been agreed, it is time to start the design process.

    One of the most useful design features of CCH Reporter is the ability to quickly assemble fields into a template within the Change Report window, and then click on the Report Designer icon, Report Designer icon to have the partial design available in the design window for further editing.