Designing a Report

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CCH Reporter allows you to run a standard report or to quickly assemble a report using the Change Report page . In the Change Report page fields and groups are added with default properties, and standard formatting is applied.

If your needs are more specific, CCH Reporter allows you to customise a report using the Report Designer window. Here you can edit each and every property of a field within a report, you can insert graphics and you can build mathematical calculations to meet your own specific needs. The functionality is almost unlimited in the Report Designer window.

Topics in this Section

  • A great deal of customisation is available in the Report Designer window, allowing you to tailor a report to suit the exact requirements of your practice.
  • Explains what the feature is, what its benefits are to the user or customer, when to use it , how to access it.
  • Properties are defined for each object within a layout. Properties provide a complete definition of that object, including its size, its behaviour within a report and the data that it stores.
  • The design tools are displayed in a toolbox to the left of the report work area in the Report Designer window.